On "the square
of the Cathedral of St.Blaise",
- the old Republic "Republica Ragusina"
Palais Sponza

The Late-Romanesque, Early-Gothic and Renaissance styles form the perfect surrounding. The freedom of thought cultivated in Dubrovnik gave opportunities for artistic achievments.


Michelozzo di Bartolomeo
and Onofrio de la Cava left there imprint and the architecture of the
14 - 16th centuries conferred a third title upon Dubrovnik

The Pearl

Church St.Blaise

Idyllic gardens and the accuracy of detail are preserved to the present day

Arkades cloister Dominikus

Hidden cloister gardens,

squares and palaces among a multitude of houses,
enclosed in the chessboard urban plan

"Skyline" View from the city wall


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