Republica Ragusina
In 1204 under the Doge Enrico Dandalo, the Fourth Crusade set out from Venice, taking in possession all the important ports and trade centres on their way from the Adriatic Sea to Constantinople. Dubrovnik also came under Venetian domination from 1205 to 1358. However the Venetians did not succeed in hindering Dubrovnik's economic, political and cultural development. The actual power in Dubrovnik lay in the hands of the patricians, who understood how to evade the policies and influence of Venice through commerce.

Republica Ragusina 1358 - 1526
After the Peace Treaty of Zadar in 1358, Venice ceded her domination over Dubrovnik to the Croato-Hungarian Kingdom. From that time, and until 1526, Dubrovnik recognized the sovereignty of the Kingdom's rulers. This was the period of Dubrovnik's greatest development and its attainment of the status of free, independant "Republica Ragusina".
Late Romanesque and Early-Gothic architecture characterize the city's features. Cloister St.Franziscus, established 1317

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