The elafiti islands can be reached
practically from every village located on the opposite side along the coast (starting from Slano down to Dubrovnik) - cars and motorcycles are not permitted - only people are allowed to go there.

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subtropical climate

Protected from the influence of a continental climate by the dinara mountains, the Croatian seashore through out the summer month is exposed to warm winds and warm seacurrent from the south. This can be described as a typical subtropical climate.

Due to seacurrents from the Mediterranian sea wich flow towards the north along the Croatian seashore, the most recent measurements of the quality of seawater taken in the waters between Dubrovnik and Split indicate them as the cleanest in Europe and one of the cleanest in the world.

During the summer months, from June till September, the temperature of the sea, is 26-28 Celsius and the temperature of the air 28-35 Celsius, but thanks to the airy breeze and forests it is very pleasant.

How to get there?

The best is by plane (Croatia Airlines/ Lufthansa) directly to Dubrovnik (Airport Cavtat) then by ferry from Dubrovnik to the Elafiti Islands. Ferries depart from ports daily.

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik

The official language is Croatian. English is spoken so there are no communication problems.

The currency of Croatia is the "Croatian Kuna"(HK). 1 Kuna is 100 "Lipa" (small currency unit). They accept EC, EuroCard, VISA and American Express in all gastronomic and other services. The prices are equal to central European ones

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