Sipan - Elafiti Islands

each island a botanical garden
  The island Sipan is the greenest among all the Elafiti islands. The vegetation is rich in lavender, myrth, mandarines and lemons, olivetrees, palms but also cypress and laurel contribute to the island colours.
The Elafiti are forrested and always green.

free of traffic

They are small,
so everything
of importance can be done by foot.
Heavy traffic and people rushing are not part of the life here (the infrastructure of the island would not allow it either). They are forgotten in the tide of change

-what happiness

but the islands have known other times


Witnesses of the past

Time influenced their appearance -
Summer residences of the Dubrovnik aristrocracy are the remnants found in many bays of the Elafiti islands.


   The Sea

a divingparadies

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