People on the islands


The core of existence for the people on the islands are fishing, agriculture and individual tourism. Melons, pumpkins, olives, vineyards and other citrus fruits are grown and cultivated.



  From the urban point of view life here is peaceful and simple.

Joy of life and warmness are the main values of the inhabitants. Fast changes and hectic living
do not exist.

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To be close to the life and idile of the Elafiti, we suggest you stay at the warm and homely private pansions together with their atrium gardens. To find them isn't difficult -
while you are having a "Longdrink" at the cafe by the seaside, the barkeeper will offer you his hospitality.

...and coming to the food...

Mediteranean specialities are on the menu. Seafood and fish are a must, caught on the same day and brought to the restaurant to be served.
And if you would like to drink wine, you can be sure the wine is from the owner's winecellar.

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